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Since 2007 Rosalie's Restaurant has catered to the office and shopping crowd of a busy downtown district. Delighted by our tasty food and prompt service, our loyal customers have returned not only for lunch while working or a quick snack during shopping trips, but as a favorite destination for a sit down dinner with family and friends.  We take great pride in maintaining the quality and taste of our offerings. We do not believe in compromising on quality or taste. Our products are made using the best possible ingredients. All our food is freshly prepared each day. We also ensure good hygiene standards in our kitchen. We take pride in offering food that is tasty and nutritious at a great price, and never fail to provide speedy, curteous service. Our restaurant is large enough to accommodate large parties and we also have a separate banquet room that can accommodate 30 people. To book space for a large party or banquet, simply call us at (310) 674-0355 or inquire by email at shabazzbakery261@gmail.com. All inquiries receive prompt replies. Our policy is to offer our patrons a great deal whether they are looking for a quick meal or a party place. We believe that food should be savored to the last morsel and we ensure this by offering food that the American palate is used to. We have our own unique way of flavoring your favorite dishes, and serve a wide variety of comfort food for you to choose from.


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