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Our elegant ambiance and courteous staff make for the perfect dine-in experience. Whether dining alone, with friends, or conducting a business lunch, Rosalie's Restaurant offers the ultimate experience with our delicious food and attentive staff ready to fill your every need. Walk-ins are welcome, and we take reservations as well according to your specific needs. At Rosalie's Restaurant, it's all about You.

Rosalie's Restaurant also offers take out lunches, dinners, and snacks. This is a convenient option for days when you do not have the time to cook. Just pick up the food of your choice in convenient packages and eat at home or in your office. Relax at home while enjoying your meal or improve your job efficiency with a working lunch. Schedule regular take out nights with your family or friends and have a hassle free get together. Let our cooks do the work and enjoy the company of the people you care about with the perfect stress free meal. You will be free to participate in the evening without the worry of wondering if the meal you cooked has turned out well. Take full advantage of our take out services to arrange an informal and impromptu get together at your home.  Grab dinner from Rosalie's Restaurant and be assured that your evening will go well. All your guests will thank you for a great and fun filled evening.

Rosalie's Restaurant does its best to cater to everyones needs. To this end, we offer delivery services within 5 miles of our restaurant. We deliver for free if you place an order for more than $20.00 dollars. If you want to order for a lower amount, we charge $5.00 for delivery, within our zip code. We will ensure that your food is delivered to you with in half an hour of you placing your order. Our delivery system ensures that the food is still hot and appetizing when it reaches your home.  When ordering over the phone, we encourage you to be specific in your requirements by prompting you with appropriate questions. This ensures that your meal is just what you wanted. You can also utilize our delivery system to order food to your office on busy days. This will save you the time taken to drive to a restaurant, order, wait, and eat. We believe in making the life of our customers a little bit smoother and easier by catering to their varied needs. Next time you are detained at the office, or are too tired to cook dinner, try our delivery system.

No matter the size of your party or event, Rosalie's Restaurant is happy to provide all of our menu items, in any quantity, to your home, office, or other venue to ensure that with all of the stresses that go along with event planning, food wont be one of them. Simply contact us at (310) 674-0355, or at
shabazzbakery261@gmail.com with at least 72 hours advance notice and the details of expected attendance and the items you'd like to serve, and leave the worrying to us. Deposit may be required depending on the size of your event.    

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